The Westline School


Are you ready to join us?

New students are admitted to an appropriate level based on the results of their placement test. We encourage all the students who are dedicated to becoming decent and proficient English language users to join us and prove your skills to the world.

Here are the steps to take to be part of WLS.

1.1   Placement Test

  1. Dates and Time
  1. During the term, the Placement Test is available every Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM and from 1:00 PM to 6:30 PM.
  2. Placement Test takers will be scheduled and confirmed of the date and time to take the test.


  1. Description

WLS requires every new student to be assessed by taking the Placement Test. Placement Test is used to determine the student’s current level of skills and general English language knowledge.

In order to adapt the coursework to the needs, expectations, and skill levels of students, it is generally advantageous to find out as much as possible about each individual student during the initial assessment process. To this end, the Personal Data Form and Learning Profile Survey may be photocopied and used as they are or translated and/or otherwise adapted in order to gather important information about students.

Each student should be asked to fill out a copy of both of the forms before taking the test. It is important to explain that this information is being collected both for administrative purposes and so that teachers can better adapt classroom materials and techniques to suit the learners’ needs; students should also be assured that all information on the forms will be kept strictly confidential.


  1. Parts of the Placement Test

There are three parts to the Placement Test namely: Placement Test, Oral Placement Test, and Writing Placement Test. The General Placement Test, done on the computer, consists of fifty (50) items testing grammar and vocabulary. The test is automatically graded and will give the suggested proficiency level result. The Oral Placement Test is included as part of the placement test process. This test consists of an interview based on conversational prompts to be presented by the interviewer and is accompanied by Oral Assessment Guidelines to help interviewers determine the appropriate level of the student. The last part of the placement test process is the Writing Placement Test. Students are asked to select a writing task and complete the task using the prompts provided in the rubric. Writing Assessment Guidelines are provided to help test evaluators determine the appropriate level of the student.